How can Landmark Title help you realize your goals?

Landmark Title, Inc. is the East Texas area’s largest title insurance company, and with good reason. Representing ten title insurance underwriters, Landmark Title is a locally owned and operated title insurance agency. With professionally trained employees, the availability of educational seminars, real estate information services, and our fully automated land title search and escrow system, we provide the services needed by our clients. Our commitment to client satisfaction manifests itself in a fast turnaround time for paperwork, attention to detail, and a “can do” attitude that pervades our entire staff.

“Since our beginning in 1985, our company goal has always been to provide the best possible real estate title insurance services available. We realize that in order for our clients to do their job well, we must do our job well.”

Stephen Dement,
Chief Executive Officer and Owner

Title Commitment

To order a title commitment for a property sale/purchase, construction loan, refinance or assumption, please fill in the requested information in our Title Commitment Form. If you have any questions or special considerations that cannot be included in the requested information, please feel free to call our main office at 903.534.8000 or fax us at 903.534.8161.